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Brief History of Cable Knitting

Cable Needle Shidonna Raven Patterns and Publications

Although the very earliest items of cable knit were made in plain knitting, patterns had been incorporated into the fabric from an early time, either via intarsia or fair isle which use different colour wools, or via texture such as lace effects or cable stitching.

Cable stitch was developed in Ireland in the early 20th Century, and the primary purpose of most of these stitches was to make the garment thicker and warmer, as well as adding decoration.

It wasn’t till the 20s and the advent of sports clothes into fashion wear that cable knit sweaters became a fashion item, and chic young women following Coco Chanel’s example wore cable knit sweaters

Handknitted cable knit sweaters have remained popular, and in the Second World War they were practical to knit yourself. In the 80s cable knit sweaters came back into fashion, and you’ll find the chunky styles look great with jeans and casual wear.

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