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Choosing a Knitting Pattern

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Choosing a knitting pattern is perhaps the most exciting part of knitting. It is the beginning. You can see the vision of the treasure you will create. There are a few things to consider before choosing your knitting pattern:

  • your skill level
  • purpose or person the project is for
  • yarn choice
  • seasons it will be worn in
  • supplies and materials
  • time investment
  • completion deadline

Some projects require planning for acquiring supplies and materials or the time that will be needed to invest in the project. If your project is for a special occasion, like a birthday: when is the birthday? Take all of these factors in to consideration and try to keep your UFOs (unfinished objects) down to a minimum. Most of all have fun and make one for yourself!

Who will your next knitting pattern project be for? What occasion is it for or is it — just because? Which pattern will you choose….

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