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Masks & Mask Patterns

knitted mask shidonna raven patterns and publications

With all the controversy surrounding masks and whether or not one should wear one, there are still many types of masks. Many knitters and crocheters, as one might have expected, have opted to make their own masks and to make masks for others especially when there was a major shortage of masks. Now production has caught up with demand, which leaves us with the plethora of types of masks that we see on the market today. For the knitters who wish to make their own masks, one can find a very popular pattern here. For those who would rather just get their masks already made, one can find them here.

With the current insurgence of spikes all over the world, perhaps an abundance of caution is warranted and wearing a mask is worth it. Naturally, we are most interested in your opinion. What have you seen in your community with mask wearing? Has your community experienced a spike? Do you think this is in part due to the lack of wearing masks? Post your comments here and share them with the community. Most importantly we are praying for everyone’s continued safety and health. Share the wealth of information with your friends and family by sharing this article with 3 people today.

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