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Ribbing, Knitting

Ribbing is a wonderful type of stitch family to learn. There are many variations of ribbing. For instance you can knit 2, purl 2 or knit 3 and purl 1 to form ribbing. There are also many techniques that are employed when executing ribbing. But more before the execution, it is important to understand the function that ribbing offers other than simple design and look:

  • used at edges such as cuffs and necklines for fitting and form
  • used by new knitters to assist with sizing
  • used at closures for fitting
  • used as a function of warmth

However or wherever you use ribbing, ribbing is an important and useful stitch family to learn and you are sure to run across them in some form or fashion while bringing patterns to life. Use the below simple pattern to become familiar with the execution and uses of the ribbing family of stitches:

Have you ever knitted a ribbed stitch before? What type of project was it for? What did you think of the function and look of the ribbing?

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