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So many Succulent Scrunchies

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Scrunchies are one of my favorite items to crochet or knit. If you are a beginner, it is a great way to learn and practice. One also gets the experience of completing a project. Like most projects the finished product is as varied as available yarns. So, one can make several scrunchies as they are a must have and keep them unique and different by changing up the yarn. If you are an experienced crochet or knitter, this type of project may not be all that challenging to you. Yet one is sure to have a lot of fun. Give a crocheter or knitter a beautiful ball of yarn and magic happens. 

Choose your elastic for your scrunchie carefully as one will not want to take the scrunchie apart to repair a snapped elastic. One can be several quality elastics for a fairly good price. As with many if not all of the projects crocheters and knitters created, they are to be treasured for a long time to make sure your elastics are high quality and durable. We have both a knit and crochet scrunchie pattern. We have taught this project / pattern in our classes and workshops. They are always a huge hit. As with most things crocheters and knitters make, one’s friends and family are always asking if one can be made for them. So, these patterns will be used over and over again. Shop our scrunchie patterns (knit & crochet) at shidonna raven patterns and publications. Now is the perfect time to turn your at home time into creative time!

Work one of these patterns up or work up both of them and email us photos of your completed project. We will post them here and share them with the community. Share the wealth of information with your friends and family by sharing this article with 3 people today.

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