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Understanding the Slip Stitch

Slip Stitch

The slip stitch is a beautiful and useful technique. You complete a slip stitch my slipping one stitch from the working needle to the other needle. This is usually from the left needle to the right needle for right handed knitters. Although I am not a left handed knitter, I imagine it is the reverse for a left handed knitter. This technique yields beautiful results but is often a part of a stitch, stitch pattern or a multi step stitch or technique.

Sometimes you will see the slip stitch used as an edge finishing. This will yield a cleaner and sometimes flatter finished side edge. However, many highly experienced knitters will tell you when the slip stitch is used this way it is usual to compensate for or to hide tension issues or in place of a more appropriate edge finishing such as an i-cord or a ribbing.

The slip stitch is more appropriately used for completing techniques like short rows where stitches are wrapped. It can also be used as a part of a multi step technique to create shapes like shells or other yarn gatherings. The linen stitch is an example of a beautiful stitch which uses the slip stitch to from a dense fabric which is much less elastic than traditional knitted fabrics.

Understanding the slip stitch better will improve your understanding of our patterns. Of course, we do offer pattern support (when you purchase a pattern) should you have any questions regarding our patterns. It will also strengthen your mastery and execution of knitting. In our knitting and crocheting classes we take care to teach you the foundations of knitting and crocheting so that it becomes a talent you truly understand and appreciate. View our patterns at or register for one of our classes at What techniques would you like to learn? What is your skill level (knit or crochet)? Have you ever taken classes (knit or crochet) virtually? Share your answers with the community by posting them below. Share the wealth of information with your friends and family by sharing this article with 3 people today.