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Staying Connected Virtually and Zoom Etiquette

The COVID 19 Pandemic has pivoted all the rules. As people look for ways to forge ahead and to stay connected virtually, Zoom and other online meeting platforms have become increasing popular. Consequently, more people have been meeting online. However, house dresses are becoming increasingly popular. As we began to think about holding our knitting and crochet group meetings online this trend gave us pause. Many people have gotten into staging their homes. So, for the professional meetings that we have been apart of the house dress is not that popular. One must remember what the meeting is for, that they are in a public space, and that one must still dress for the occasion. When bringing someone into your home in a virtual, public and often recorded manner, one should think carefully and remember just because one is at home does not change the nature of the meeting. A professional meeting is just that: professional. Virtual space is public space. So, we decided to share a couple of tips that will help us all pivot appropriately into our new virtual spaces. As some have appropriately noted, somethings will become the new normal. This just might be one of them. Take our survey for holding a Virtual Group Meeting for the Noble Knits and Crochets Group. Become a member of Noble Knits & Crochets *dues is monthly.

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