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Ribbing for the Knitter (Knitting)

Box Hat, Ear Warmers, Coach Wristlet Shidonna Raven Fashion

We have been discussing ribbing for the knitter. Indeed you will see ribbing in all sorts of patterns from sweaters to mittens. The knit stitch family is a highly useful stitch family. If you read the previous weeks article than you had an opportunity to try our simpler ribbed head band pattern. Now that you have your feet wet with how to execute the rib pattern and its functions, try a little more complex pattern: the box hat and box scarf pattern below. We suggest starting with the box scarf pattern first to become accustom to the rhythm of the ribbed stitch. Then try the slightly more box hat pattern:

Now that you have tried the patterns, what did you learn? What do you think? How can you use ribbing elsewhere? Send us a picture of your project.

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