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Fashion, the Environment & Ready to Wear

Racks of Clothes

The fashion industry’s impact on the environment has been a hot topic in the fashion world for a while. Business Insider reports that 85% of clothing goes to the dump each year. Not to mention the impact the industry has on water and air pollution. Some in the industry took note and began to consider more ecological friendly practices. One huge point that most people overlook is the impact of ready to wear on the industry’s footprint. 

With the advent of ready to wear more clothes are being produced and are being worn for far shorter lengths of time simply because the clothes are not made to last. This presents an interesting challenge not only to the industry but to us as makers and consumers as well. How often do we consider donating our clothes before throwing them away? How do we choose the materials we use when making our treasured knitted or crocheted items? Typically, when a knitter or crocheter makes a garment, it is made to last. Often the recipient keeps the item for years and may even pass the item down to others. How do we as makers contribute to a non ready to wear production of garments? What are your thoughts on this matter? How can we reduce the footprint by the fashion industry as both consumers and makers? Share the wealth with your friends and family by sharing this post with 3 people today. Post your comments here.