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DIY Holiday Knit Scarf

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If you are anything like us, you have a list a mile long and everything on it is DIY. We highly recommend starting now because time goes fast and lets face it: it takes time to make something DIY. If you are like us, making DIY holidays sounds great right now because you could save a little money with some extra effort and time. DIY gifts always have a special touch that other gifts can just not offer. Whatever your reason they are sure to love it and ask you for another one.

Speaking of the time it takes to make DIY holiday gifts: get started now. No, consider your projects when you are working down your list. Some projects will take longer than others obviously. That is why we love cowls. Depending on the length, they take a lot less time and are a must for those really cold locations. But, nothing beats a traditional scarf with a quick box hat or the traditional round hat. Both are excellent DIY holiday options as one can typically be worked up in one day.

With all that said, we put together some tips for your holiday DIY project list:

  • Make a DIY Holiday list
  • Make a Plan
  • Make a schedule and keep it
  • Get your patterns and supplies in time to stay on schedule
  • Get yarn and supply recommendations from our posts and patterns *see below, other articles and patterns
  • Make it personal (something They will like)
  • Consider your projects carefully. Keep it simple and fast so that you can complete your list in time
  • Use down time by taking your projects with you (lunch time)
  • Use the same pattern and different yarn to make it unique to each recipient
  • Take a knit along or crochet along or class
  • Get support from us on patterns you buy with us
  • Get 10% off in time enough for the holidays
  • Shop YLS (Norfolk, VA, USA)
  • Have Fun
  • Finish and mail early *the post office has been experiencing delays
  • Take pictures of your projects and share with us and others
  • Instagram your pictures
  • Have recipients take pictures of their gifts and share with us
  • When all else fails get them a gift certificate
  • How will you get your holiday DIY projects done in time? Which tips will you use? Which tips ended up being the most helpful?

Share your answers with the community by posting them below. Share the wealth of information with your friends or family by sharing this article with 3 people today. As always you are the best part of what we do. Keep sharing.