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Types of Face Masks and Effectiveness – USA Today

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Knitted Masks: For this one, researchers used a mask with a looser weave.

“Think of the fabric as being something more similar to a sock than similar to a bed sheet, which is more like what you have for the standard cotton,” Warren said.

Larger and open pores in the masks may allow more particles to get in. Washing and drying the mask may further decrease its deficiency.

Souce: USA Today

There are a few things, we discovered, that can make your knitted masks more effective.

  • Use 100% cotton, preferably a stiffer cotton like Pima Cotton
  • Use a smaller needle or hook than required to create a fabric with smaller pores
  • Sew a side loading filter pocket on the back of the mask to decrease pore size and increase cleanliness by replacing used filters.
  • Some recommend coffee filters. Of course you can use what you prefer.
Types of Masks and Effectiveness
Source: USA Today
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Making Masks and CDC on Masks

Robert R. Redfield, MD | #COVIDStopsWithMe

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Source: CDC -Robert R. Redfield, MD | #COVIDStopsWithMe
Shidonna Raven Patterns and Publications

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