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Cotton Fiber Yarn find Summer and Spring Love

There are many fiber choices out there when selecting a yarn for one’s project. With Spring and Summer on the horizon we turn our focus to the fibers that love these seasons the most. While there are many other fibers that you can use during the Spring and Summer months, cotton is one of our favorites. While we enjoy merino wool, we typically reserve these fiber for the Fall and Winter months depending on the weather where you live.

One of the reason that cotton is such a great fiber for Spring and Summer is that cotton is a natural fiber. Like many natural fibers cotton breathes. Because it breathes it allows the air to flow. The flowing air is typically a key component to wicking the body and keeping it cool during the Spring and Summer months. It is also a light and flexible fiber that is typically very soft. There are different quality cottons with Pima Cotton being one of the best, and yes Cascade Yarns always has a nice selection of Pima Cottons for us to choose from. Because of the varying qualities of cotton fibers each type of cotton has different benefits.

Pima Cotton is a little stiffer than other yarns, giving the yarn a body and form that most cottons can not offer. But, remember if you are looking for a highly flexible limp type yarn — typically Pima Cotton can not offer this.

Which project will you be working on during the spring and summer months? Who will it be for. Do you have a pattern yet? See ours.

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