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At some point in time we have all been there: stuck in the middle of a project you have been dying to do and now you don’t know what to do next. Is it that you don’t understand the pattern or is there a pattern error? After much review you may resolve the issue. Or maybe you just quit. We hope to avoid that experience entirely. With the patterns and publications we are totally here for you to work through any questions or problems you may have. Unlike finding a random pattern or buying a lovely book, we are here for you. Send us an email ( detailing your questions. Also send us lots of pictures. We are visuals just like you. Your questions just may show up on our blog to help others with similar issues. Hey, maybe you will help us write clearer more error free patterns. Either way we would love to hear from you and see your projects. Who are we kidding…we want to see your projects! If you just want to drop us a line and show us how your projects are coming out, do that too. What project are you working on? Do you have questions about it? Is it a crochet or knit project. Share your answers with the community by posting them below. Share the wealth of information with your friends and family by sharing this article with 3 people today.

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