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Why we love Cowls

knitted mask / cowl shidonna raven patterns and publications

We love cowls for several reasons:

  • easy to keep up with / hard to lose
  • maximum warmth
  • maximum comfort

Having experienced the cold winter months of the Northeast, we know a little about cold and how to stay warm. In addition to staying warm, a cowl can be worn around the neck (almost like a turtle neck) making it easy to keep up with and offering some scaled down warmth once indoors. Because cowls can be tucked under coats and pulled up under and over chins, they provide maximum warmth by keeping cool and cold air out while clinging to the body, if made the right size. They also offer a lot of comfort during winter months and can be made out of soft wools like merino wool (below) to reduce itching and increase warmth. Shop our cowl patterns today! These make the perfect holiday gift as they can be quicker to work up than a traditional scarf. If you need help making your holiday gifts, sign up for one of our knit or corchet alongs or classes.

Who is on your Christmas list? What other DIY Holiday gifts are you making? Send us a picture of what you have made so far. Which types of arts and crafts are you using to make your DIY Holiday gifts?

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