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Yarn Selection


Selecting Yarn

There are a couple of factors to consider when choosing yarn. As knitters and crocheters who do not just follow patterns but who also write patterns we have a unique prospective on selecting yarn. This prospective will help you to take a fresh look at how you choose your yarn for your projects to make them uniquely yours.

  • Weight
  • Fiber
  • Color
  • Texture


Most novice knitters or crocheters can identify the weight of a yarn. You can identify the weight of the yarn by the label. If there is no label compare it to other similar sized yarns to make a determination. Eventually, you will be able to identify the weight of the yarn by just looking at it. Sometimes your projects will dictate the weight of your yarn. For instance most people will use a sport or fingering weight for socks, gloves and other small accessories. However, if you are knitting or crocheting a sweater the weight of your yarn can be pretty much whatever you prefer. Of course you may have to alter your pattern to fit your yarn size. You do this by first establishing the gauge. The smaller the weight the longer your project will take. If you have questions, just leave a comment and we will get back to you.


Fiber is a huge consideration. You must consider the season(s) you will wear your project and if the season is appropriate for your project. Season will often dictate the type of fiber you use. You can knit a beautiful summer scarf in bamboo but I would not knit a summer scarf in 100% wool. Allergies and feel will also dictate your fiber choice. If the wool is not Merino Wool, it maybe very itchy. So, think very carefully how you will wear the garment and how it will feel where you wear it. Also consider how you will care for your project. Read the care instructions on the label.


Believe it or not color can be a huge factor when selecting yarn. Intricate and detailed work is best done in lighter colors so people can see your needle or hook work. With dark colors your surface work maybe difficult to see. You spend a lot of time getting stitch work right. You deserve to show it off. Select a color(s) that will make your work shine! Also consider your season(s), how, when and where your garments will be worn. Like buying clothes some colors are better than others based on these factors. So, select appropriately.


Yes, even texture can be important. Simpler textures are better for intricate needle and hook work. While simple needle and hook work is great for highly texture yarns such as novelty yarns. Work up a gauge and consider how it will look on your over all garment.

Also, Yards

Also Remember to get enough yardage and the correct dye lot for your project. It is never nice to do a lot of work on a project only to run out of yarn and no longer be able to get the yarn you used at your local yarn shop.

Write it Down

Consider your project completed and how it will be used or worn. Write down what is most important for you to obtain in your finished project. Must it be light and airy? Or should it be super warm and snugly? Is it for a baby? How old will the baby be when you give it to the baby? Will they be able to grow into it and use it for a few years or will they grow out of it in a few months? Are you giving it as a gift? How will they likely use it?

  • Consider your pattern. Try to follow the pattern yarn recommendation as closely as possible.
  • Consider the season
  • Consider the size
  • Consider how long it will take to complete the pattern
  • Consider comfort-ability and ease of wear
  • Consider the finished over all look
  • Consider any pattern alterations based on gauge. Try to adhere to the pattern as much as possible.
  • Consider longevity. How long can it be worn?

With each pattern you select form Shidonna Raven Patterns & Publications you receive pattern support. Select your patterns with confidence and enjoy them for years to come. We could not just make one. Thank you.

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